Divi Life

What is Divi Life

Divi Life is a company that provides high quality Child themes, different Plugins & Extensions for Divi WordPress Themes by Elegant Themes.

Divi Life is started by Tim Strifler and its objective is to help Divi Theme users. It also provides tutorials to help the Divi community.

Divi Life is not sponsored by Elegant Themes, & Divi & Elegant Themes are registered trademarks of Elegant Themes, Inc.

Divi Life Toolkit contains the below product portfolio:

  • Divi Mega Pro
  • Divi Bars
  • Divi Overlays
  • Dvi Child Themes
  • Divi Pop ups
  • Divi Landing Pages
  • Divi Dashboard Welcome

Divi life also provides an All–Access pass where you can buy all the products i.e. plug-ins, child themes and layouts. You can either buy it for 1 year or for Lifetime

The 1 year Membership costs $149/- while the Annual Membership cost $349/-.

The All Access plans gives you unlimited access to all the products.


Divi Mega Pro – The built-in Divi menu is rather boring and hard to customize. The Divi Mega Pro plugin allows you to take your menus to the next level, making your entire Divi site look more custom & intuitive. You can create Mega Menu, Mega Tool Tips & so much more combining the power of Divi Builder.

Divi Mega Pro allows you to cerate beautiful full feature Mega Menus using the Divi Builder. Divi Mega Pro lets you to design your dropdown menus, so it is easy to add rows, columns, images, maps, toggles, products, forms and anything you can think of.

The Mega Tool Tip is another feature that you’d love to use. This feature allows you to show important information to your site visitors they need on the same page.

The Mega Pro comes feature packed allowing you to easily craft your desired Mega Menu or Mega Tool Tip. You can trigger the mega content with a click or hover functionality with settings such as Trigger type, Exit type & Exit delay for added user experience. You also have complete control over the width of your Mega content letting you select a pre-set or a custom width.

Additionally, there are lots of animation options such as shift away, shift toward, perspective, fade & scale that helps you craft beautiful Mega menus at your will.


Child Theme : This product includes dozens of brand new child themes including ecommerce child theme, which is knows as Royalcommerce. Divi Life is continuously adding more child themes which you can use in future without paying any additional money (if you have taken the lifetime membership plan).

The gorgeous child themes also include matching templates for Divi overlays, Divi Bars & Divi Mega Pro. Each Child Theme includes popup/overlay templates, promo bar templates, and mega menu or mega tooltip templates.

Divi Bars – This plugin can be used to create/add promo bars, notification bars, countdown timers, subscribe forms, contact forms, buttons, videos, background images & more on your website.

Using the Divi Builder, Divi Bar lets you add any message/content on any page of your website.

Divi Bars comes packed with several functionalities like for position placement, automatic trigger options to show your offer/message on page load, scroll delay, time delay or exit intent.

Divi Bar also includes  functionalities like closed button customization options, animated attention grabbed that you can apply anywhere on your Divi Bar.

You also have the option of using beautiful pre-made templates that you can use.

Caare has taken taken to ensure that Divi Bars works well with Divi Overlays.

With the ability to insert anything on your website, your website visitors can be shown customized content

Divi Overlays : Released in 2017, the Divi Overlay provides tools like Pop-ups & content overlays that can be created using using the Divi builder.


Divi Dashboard Welcome : Are you tired of using the WordPress default screen which is available on every WordPress site? The Divi Dashboard welcome is a plugin that gives you complete control over the WordPress Dashboard Welcome screen for yours and your client sites. This means you no longer need to use the default WordPress “getting started” content, and can add your own branding, or your client’s branding to the Welcome screen. This allows you to upsell your additional services, create a client support hub, provide useful links or videos, and so much more!


Divi Landing Pages : Designed for conversion, Divi’s landing pages are beautiful, responsive & stunning with modern, neatly designs for anyone to start using. Divi has lot of pre-made landing pages for different industries readily available to use. Its very easy to change the image, add a video, edit the text & you can also add pricing tables, gorgeous hover effects, custom icons & more.

Divi Dashboard welcome also includes 5 pre-made layouts that you can use. You can also create your own layout/design from scratch if you don’t want to use the pre-made ones.

This plugin woks seamlessly with Divi, Extra or any theme utilizing the Divi page builder.

Divi Logo Swap :

You don’t want to show the same primary header logo when the page starts to scroll? Divi Life has a solution for this! Using Divi Logo Swap, you can now change your logo on page scroll showing a secondary or smaller version of your logo.

How is Divi Support? 

Divi support team is simply amazing. You wouldn’t have to wait for more than 24 hours to get a response. Usually they respond instantly with real time examples.

Conclusion : 

If you are using Divi theme, I highly recommend purchasing Divi Life which will aid you for the features explained in this blog. Theere’s so much power packed in the Divi Life products that its hard to ignore.

So, combine the power of Divi with Divi Life and build a website that you will love.

You can visit the Divi Life website by clicking here



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