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Google has introduced a new feature in Google Ads called “Brand Recommendations,” which is powered by AI, the company announced today.

These tailored Brand Recommendations are designed to optimize awareness and consideration campaigns using cost-per-thousand (CPM) and cost-per-view (CPV) bidding strategies. This new feature complements existing performance recommendations for cost-per-action campaigns, offering advertisers a comprehensive suite of optimization choices across the entire marketing funnel.

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Importance:  For Digital Marketing professionals aiming to maintain a competitive edge, these automated recommendations provide an efficient way to stay updated with Google’s best practices. By regularly showing these insights, they make it easier for advertisers to enhance their campaign effectiveness

Functionality: The Recommendations analyze an advertiser’s Google Ads history, campaign settings and industry trends to automatically suggest ways to improve campaign performance and effectiveness

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What’s Included

The new AI-powered Brand Recommendations in Google Ads fall into five main categories:

  1. Ads and Assets: Suggestions like adding bumper ads and using optimal video aspect ratios.
  2. Bidding and Budgets: Recommendations for adjusting CPM/CPV bids and budgets, especially for flighted campaigns.
  3. Keywords and Targeting: Tips such as opting into audience expansion and removing contextual targeting.
  4. Measurement: Advice on linking your YouTube account for enhanced reporting capabilities.
  5. Full-Funnel Opportunities: Strategies to “funnel up” to broader brand campaigns.

These recommendations are personalized for each advertiser and are updated regularly as Google’s systems identify new optimization opportunities.

Official Statement

In their announcement, Google emphasized that incorporating Brand Recommendations into your advertising strategy is considered a crucial best practice. This approach significantly enhances the likelihood of achieving success with brand campaigns. By leveraging these AI-powered recommendations, advertisers can access tailored insights and optimization opportunities that align with the latest industry trends and Google’s best practices, thereby maximizing the effectiveness and impact of their marketing efforts.

Read the official announcement here


The introduction of AI-powered Brand Recommendations in Google Ads marks a significant advancement in digital marketing.

This new feature provides advertisers with personalized, data-driven insights designed to optimize their brand campaigns across various stages of the marketing funnel.

By integrating these recommendations into their strategies, advertisers can enhance ad performance, improve targeting, and ensure that their budgets are effectively utilized.

Google’s commitment to leveraging AI for continual improvement ensures that these recommendations will evolve, keeping advertisers ahead of industry trends and best practices. Ultimately, adopting these Brand Recommendations is a strategic move for any advertiser looking to maximize the success and impact of their brand campaigns on Google’s platforms.


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