Staying connected & engaging with your website visitors is really important & crucial for your business.

One way of achieving this is by Push Notifications, which are short messages sent directly to users devices once they subscribe to your notification.

So, in this blog we’ll discuss what Push Notifications are and explore a powerful tool called Gravitec – a leading push notifications tool which helps businesses achieve their goals

What are Push Notifications

Do you sometimes see small popup messages on your phone screen or web browser asking you to “Allow”. These are called Push Notifications.

These were first used by Apple for its iOS apps but have now been adopted by others.

Push Notifications are important as:

  • they deliver real-time information
  • show updates & alerts directly to users
  • can display personalized messages
  • promote offers
  • notify about new blogs/content

Significance of Push Notifications Tool

Push Notifications are important for a variety of reasons such as:

  • User Engagement: By delivering relevant information to your website visitors, you can grab users attention & encourage them to take action
  • Boost Conversions: Push Notifications can drive conversions like purchases, sales etc by promoting products, offers, discounts, or even abandoned cart notifications
  • Enhanced User Experience: With personalized notifications, businesses can provide a seamless experience to their users
  • Retain & Re-engage Users: You can keep your subscribers informed & engaged by pushing notifications on your products, offers, promotions etc

High Engagement Rates

Push Notifications have significantly high engagement rates compared to other forms of communication. Studies have shown that Push Notifications can achieve open rates of over 90% and click-through rates of 7-10% indicating their effectiveness in capturing users attentions

Introducing Gravitec

You might be wondering which tools you can use for Push Notifications. At Digital Doorway, our preferred tool is Gravitec

Gravitec is a comprehensive Push Notifications tool designed to help organizations & businesses effectively communicate with their website visitors & reengage with their subscribers.

Gravitec was founded in 2016 in Ukraine by a team of experienced professionals passionate about improving customer engagement. It is trusted by over 40,000 websites including brands like Toyota, Jaguar, Land Rover, Cosmopolitan & others. 

Gravitec offers a user-friendly platform that enables businesses to create, schedule, & send push notifications to their website visitors both on desktop & mobile devices. Gravitec also allows you to automate your notification campaigns. 

Gravitec Features

  1. Rich Notification Formats: With Gravitec, busineeses can create visually appealing push notifications using different formats – you can include images, icons, titles, descriptions, CTA’s & more, making them more engaging & actionable
  2. Dynamic Content: Gravitec allows you to personalize notifications by including dynamic content based on user data. This can include user’s name, recent activity or customized recommendation, creating a more personalized experience
  3. Audience Segmentation: You can segment your audience based on different criteria like location, language, demographics, interest, behavior etc. This segmentation allows you to highly targeted & personalized notifications
  4. Drip Campaigns: Another powerful feature is the ability to run automated drip campaigns. You can trigger this by users specific user actions. This helps in on boarding new users, nurturing leads, or reengaging inactive subscribers/customers
  5. A/B Testing: Gravitec allows you to test 2 different push notifications & analyze their performance metrics. By using this feature, you can identify the most effective messaging, timing, call to action strategies
  6. Multi-Platform Support: Gravitec supports push notifications across multiple platforms including websites, mobile apps (both iOS & Android) & desktop browsers
  7. Geo Targeting: Gravitec supports geotargeting enabling businesses to send notifications to website subscribers based on their location. This feature is particularly useful for multi-national brands which can customize offers based on geographical location of their subscribers or customers
  8. Integration: Gravitec provides integration option with API support with different CMS platforms, or marketing automation tools
  9. Opt-in Management: Gravitec offers tools for managing opt-ins & permissions. Organizations can customize opt-in prompts & comply with GDPR regulations


Gravitec offers flexible pricing options tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

The pricing structure takes into account the:

  • number of subscribers
  • volume of notifications
  • additional features required

Gravitec offers a Free plan for smaller operations as well as customizable enterprise solution for large organizations.

The pricing starts at $20/- per month & goes up to $124/- per month and for all the plans you get:

  • unlimited websites
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited notifications
  • unlimited automations
  • unlimited integrations

Sign up for your Free account here

How to use Gravitec

Setting up & using Gravitec is a breeze.

To get started, you need to integrate Gravitec’s SDK or plugin into your website or mobile app. You will find lot of guides & tutorials from Gravitec on how you can easily do this.

If you are using WordPress, then you can go to the plugins repository and install & activate Gravitec plugin

Chrome Extension

Gravitec offers a handy chrome extension that brings the power & capabilities of their push notification tool directly to your browser. Businesses can easily manage & run their campaigns, access real-time data & seamlessly engage with their site visitors/audience. 

Gravitec’s chrome extension allows you to:

  • Easily install & integrate
  • Streamline campaigns
  • Provides real-time data & analytics
  • Convenient notifications preview
  • Instant notifications testing
  • Effortless device registration

Gravitec is a powerful software which offers a robust solution in the form of Push Notification to engage with your website visitors, enhance user experience & increase conversions. With features like personalization, geotargeting, audience segmentation, A/B testing, analytics, Gravitec provides businesses the right tools they need to create impactful push notification campaigns. 

We bought Gravitec this year (2023) and it has increased our subscriber base which has allowed us to send notifications about our latest blogs, e-books, promotions & others

If you are looking to increase your site visitors engagement, then get Gravitec

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are short messages that are sent to user's devices. They provide real-time updates, notifications or promotions even when users are not on your website or app

How do Push Notifications work?

Push Notifications work through a combination of website

What are the benefits of push notifications

Push Notifications offer several benefits like:

  • Increased user engagement
  • Instant direct communication
  • Personalized & targeted messaging
  • Promoting new content, products, discounts, offers
  • Re-engaging inactive users
How can push notifications be used effectively?

Its important to consider the below factors:

  • Use clear & compelling messages that encourages site visitors to take action
  • Segment your audience based on demographics, location etc to deliver relevant & personalized notifications
  • Optimize the timing & frequency of notifications to avoid being intrusive
  • Test different variations to identify what's best for your audience
  • Provide value to site visitors in the form of exclusive content, discounts, or other relevant information
What is Gravitec?

Gravitec is a push notifications tool that enables businesses to create, schedule & launch push notifications to their website visitors, mobile app users & desktop subscribers.

It provides a user-friendly dashboard with features like:

  • Personalized messages
  • Audience segmentation
  • Automation
  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics
Can I customize the appearance of push notifications using Gravitec?

Absolutely! Gravitec allows you to include images, icons, title descriptions & CTA's along with choosing your own brand colors & logo to make visually engaging push notifications

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