How to use Workflows feature in Hubspot

Workflow Automations
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Why is Marketing automation important? 

Marketing automation is an important aspect of any Inbound strategy because it’ll help automate tasks and create timely tasks. Additionally, it helps us send our content easily to prospects, leads and customers. Inbound professionals have a number of ways to leverage automation features that can help business scale. 


Why use HubSpot automation?  

Hubspot automation feature is knows as “Workflows”. Hubspot defines its workflow automation as : “A series of automated actions that trigger based on a person’s behaviors or contact information” 


Workflows can be used for lead nurturing and it can also help with your business’ additional goals and alignment between marketing, sales, and service teams. 


The workflow is triggered when a set of actions happen automatically based on certain starting conditions  and branching logic. After setting up the trigger, choose the actions for your workflow i.e. functions that the workflow will execute for enrolled objects.

You can find the Workflows feature under Automation tab in the header.

Hubspot offers pre-made templates to chose from or you can also create a workflow from scratch. You can also create a workflow centered on a date or a date property (actions that revolve around contact’s birthday, lead date etc)

Here are some workflows that every Marketing team needs to set up :

1) Page views :  You need to know which website pages your contact/lead has visited and revisited. You can then set off emails based on their actions. For example : if you contact has visited your Spa page 3 times in any month, it signals a strong intent that this contact is looking for a spa service. You can then set up an automated email based on this action and offer them a discount in the email. 

2) Assigning new leads to your sales team :  This workflow will depend on the size of your sales team, your qualification process, sales team segmentation, and other factors.

If you have a 1-person sale team, you can simply assign the lead to that person. Some sales teams are bigger and have more than 1 or 2 team members. In this scenario, you can rotate the leads between the sales team members and the system will send alternate leads notification email.

You may also want to geographically segment your leads and send them to the right team member covering that particualr geography. Or, if they are interested in a specific product, you would want to assign it to the sales rep for that product and so on. 

3) Lead status : When a prospect becomes a lead, thei lead status is left blank by default. It is strongly recommended that in the workflow, you set up













    With different aspects of connectivity across all HubSpot Hubs that it can be daunting to get through. Determining what is most important to your company (not just your current situation, but what’s in the future) to make sure that the level you want reach those capabilities. HubSpot is way to go!


    As we continously attract, engage & delight prospects, leads and customers, Hubspot’s automation will grow with us by helping us doing it faster and on timely basis ultimately achieving our business goals & objectives.


    Watch this video : 


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