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In today’s day & age Email Marketing has become an integral part of Digital Marketing. With billions of people actively using emails worldwide, it remains one of the most effective channels to engage with potential customers and nurture existing ones.

Having a solid Email Marketing & Automation tool is very important for organization to leverage the power of Email Marketing & with such a crowded space, its important that you use the right tool that fits your requirements.

That’s where Mailmodo steps in!

In this blog, we will discuss Mailmodo, its features, pricing, a bit of its history, how its unique compared to other Email Marketing tools and who should use this amazing tool.

Did you know?

The first email marketing blast was sent in 1978 (Source). The sender was a man named Gary Thuerk who worked for Digital Equipment Corp. His email blast was sent to 400 recipients as a promotion for his company’s computers, and it actually resulted in $13 million in sales

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a Digital Marketing strategy that involves sending promotional content via Email to a group of people who have given consent to hear from you or otherwise. 

It is a direct & personalized approach to engage with customers, subscribers or prospects & build a relationship with them.

Email Marketing is important for several reasons, such as:

  • High ROI
  • Effective for Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Direct & Personalized Communication
  • Increased Sales & Conversions
  • Measurable
  • Relationship Building
  • Integration with other Marketing channels/platforms

There are several Email Marketing tools available & selecting the right tool can be tricky particularly when you see all of them providing the same features at almost same price.

However there’s one tool which has stood out in the last 3 years and that’s Mailmodo

What is Mailmodo?

Mailmodo is an innovative Email Marketing platform that empowers businesses to create interactive & engaging email experiences. Unlike traditional static emails, Mailmodo incorporates interactive elements like forms, surveys, transactional features directly within email body itself.

Mailmodo was founded in 2020 by Aquibur Rahman & Apurv Gupta who sought to revolutionize the way Email Marketing is conducted by businesses. 

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Mailmodo comes packed with several impressive features. Lets discuss some of them:

  1. AMP Powered Emails: Mailmodo has harnessed the power of Accelerated Mobile Pages technology enabling dynamic & interactive emails. With AMP, you can add engaging features like forms, carousels providing a live immersive user experience
  2. Inbuilt Surveys: Mailmodo simplifies the process of conducting surveys by offering inbuilt Survey capabilities. You can directly add a survey inside the email body using their pre-built templates or creating one from scratch using the drag & drop builder. This allows the users to fill up the survey without leaving the inbox. This amazing feature allows boosts survey response rates and enhances data collection

These 2 features are unique to Mailmodo and missing from most email marketing softwares

Lets move on…

3. Drag & Drop Editor:  Mailmodo’s intuitive drag & drop editor allows you to design visually stunning & responsive emails. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to create emails. You can easily add interactive elements, CTA’s, images, videos & more

4. Automation: Mailmodo offers advanced Automation & Workflow features to streamline the entire process. You can create personalized email sequences, based on various triggers like new subscriber, email open, CTA clicks, etc. This will help your email campaigns in auto-pilot mode even when you are not logged in

5. Templates: Mailmodo offers a large repository of pre-built templates for different industries & use cases. You can send out emails based on Announcements, Onboarding, Events, Feedback, Cart Recovery & more. There are also AMP emails for forms, NPS ratings, Quizzes & Spin the wheel

6. Analytics & Reporting: Mailmodo provides comprehensive reporting & analytics tools allowing you to measure the effectiveness of a campaign or workflow automation. Key metrics such as Open rates, click-through rates, survey responses are readily available in the dashboard allowing you to make data-driven decisions

7. Integrations: Mailmodo offers seamless integration with a number of popular CRM & Email marketing platforms in different categories such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Ecommerce, Calendar & Events tools & even for Utility/Developers. You can easily natively integrate with tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Freshsales, Zoho, Shopify, Zoom, Calendly, Google Sheets, API & more. You can check all the integrations here


Mailmodo offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Although they don’t have a Free plan, they do offer a 21-day Free trial.

Pricing starts from $99/- per month and goes all the way up to $599/- per month with a custom plan where you need to speak to their team. The custom plan is suitable for Digital marketing agencies who have to send out large volumes of emails in excess of 1 million per month.

Mailmodo pricing

As you can see, Mailmodo offers 3 pricing plans:

  1. Silver Plan
  2. Gold Plan &
  3. Platinum Plan

Its recommended that you try out the Trial period and then select the plan best suited for your requirements.

Check out all pricing plans with comprehensive features here

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Mailmodo’s website offers a wealth of free resources to support you in your email journey.

From comprehensive guides to informative videos to helpful ebooks, you will find a lot of readily available material to enhance your understanding.

Additionally, you will find lot of case studies of success stories inspiring you with practical insights & strategies.

You will also find a step by step checklist to guide you so that you won’t miss any essential elements in your email campaigns.

Lastly, the Email Stash is a treasure trove of pre-designed templates allowing you to kick-start your Email Marketing campaigns with ready-made visually appealing templates.

Sign up for a Free 21 day trial of Mailmodo and find out if its for you


Email Marketing continues to grow and thrive because of its numerous benefits. It allows businesses to reach their target audience directly offering a personalized & direct approach.

Mailmodo has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of Email Marketing revolutionizing the way Emails are sent out.  Its adoption of AMP technology along with in-built surveys inside the email body & user-friendly interactive features empowers marketers to create highly immersive & personalized experiences that drive conversions.

Moreover, the transparent pricing structure, chat support, Free Email marketing tutorials & excellent value for the range of features makes it an attractive choice for businesses of all sizes.

You can elevate your Email Marketing, Automation workflows, boost engagement levels & gain a competitive edge using Mailmodo.

Sign up for this amazing Email Marketing software here

We hope this blog provided you with information on Mailmodo and its features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mailmodo?

Mailmodo is a powerful Email Marketing tool that enables businesses to create personalized & interactive email campaigns

How is Mailmodo different compared to other Email Marketing softwares avaialble?

Mailmodo is different to other traditional email service providers.

  1. Mailmodo powers its emails using Accelerated Mobile Technology (AMP)
  2. Mailmodo enables us to conduct surveys inside the email itself, allowing recipients to provide valuable insights without leaving the inbox
What is meant by AMP Emails?

AMP emails utilize the Accelerated Mobile Pages technology to create dynamic & interactive content within the emails itself, such as

  • Surveys
  • Carousels
  • Forms

They provide highly immersive experience to email receipients

How can AMP Powered emails benefit my email campaigns?

By using AMP powered technology you can greatly enhance user experience, increase engagement levels & improve conversion rates. AMP emails usually contain interactive elements & dynamic content that captures users attention

Can i build Surveys inside emails?

Mailmodo provides pre-built survey templates that you can easily select and customize.

You also have the option of selecting a blank canvas and then adding your survey questions.

Read more here

Is Mailmodo suitable for all businesses?

Mailmodo caters to businesses of all sizes, whether large enterprises, or mid-sized organizations or small start-ups.

Sign up here for a 21-day Free trial

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