What is Swithcy

Link shorteners are a posting strategy that benefits everyone who uses social networks and not only. There are tons of Link Shortening websites and each one of them is a simple, yet powerful tool to connect and engage the audience. 

What is Switchy

Having used Hubspot for years, I personally know that Hubspot provides URL shortening & tracking feature but its not as powerful as “Switchy” which is the focus of this blog.

Switchy is an amazing tool that shortens your URL, customizes it to look branded, and allows you to track and retarget any traffic that clicks your “switchified” link.

Switchy is currently being used by over 1500 companies & growing very quickly. 

 Here’s are some of the features Switchy provides : 

1) Short links

2) Targeting with pixels

3) Deep Analytics

4) Mobile landing pages

5) A/B test

6) Deep link integration

7) Multiple workspace options

8) Chrome extension

9) Georedirection


Once your retargeting links are up and running, you can keep track of them easily using Switchy. You can see real-time data about your links directly in your analytics dashboard.

Switchy provides you with clear and detailed metrics including clicks numbers, referrers, audience sources and so on. You can also run AB Testing, smart ads and much more efficient campaigns!


The pricing plan of Switchy starts from $47/- per month where you can create & use unlimited links, along with 10,000 clicks & 2 custom domains.

Switchy pricing

The Business plan costs $119/- per month and gives you 100k clicks, unlimited links, unlimited pixels, 15 custom domain names, & up to 10 users. This plan is ideal for large companies or Marketing agencies who can use it for several clients.

Switchy User Interface

I found the Switchy interface to be very intuitive and easy to use. The dashboard is modern, contemporary and stylish, making it beginner friendly.

Switchy dashboard

Once you sign up, the first thing to do is to create a workspace for yourself which essentially means that you can add all the links of a particular brand in that workspace. Once this is done, you can start creating customized links & add them to different folders. 

One feature that I like the most is the chat button in bottom right.


Swithcy is a great alterantive to Bitly, Rebrandl,  Linktree, Retargetkit & others. 

Having personally used it for sometime now, I can safely say that Swithcy is a great Link shortener tool and I highly recommend Digital Marketing professionals and companies to use this. 


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