What is ChatGPT

What is GPT

If you follow tech and are intrigued by Digital Marketing & AI Technology, then you must have definitely heard of ChatGPT which is making waves all over the internet. Developed and launched by OpenAI in Nov 2022, this powerful AI-backed chatbot has taken everyone by storm. From Entrepreneurs to working professionals to students, everyone is fascinated by how this AI chatbot answers every question that’s thrown at it. 

What is ChatGPT

So what exactly does ChatGPT does? Let’s find out in this blog

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an innovative language model platform that builds a connection between humans and bot by generating human-like content. It is one of the largest and most advanced models in the world to date.

ChatGPT uses “Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback” (RLHF) as a training layer that works by using human feedback. In other words, ChatGPT is a model that is being “trained by humans and powered by AI

How does ChatGPT work?

As discussed above, ChatGPT uses AI-trained models for providing an immersive experience. 

The model learns to generate text by predicting the next word in a sequence, given the previous words. Once the model is trained, it can be fine-tuned for specific tasks such as language translation or question answering.

During inference, the model takes in a prompt or a partial sentence and generates a response based on the patterns it learned during training.

Overall, ChatGPT uses the transformer architecture and pre-training on a large dataset to generate human-like text

How should you use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is currently open for everyone to use and has so far added 1 million users since its release in November 2022. 

There are several ways to use the platform depending on the use-case & the level of complexity involved. Here are few ways you can use this amazing platform:

  • Using a pre-trained model: One of the easiest ways to use ChatGPT is by using a pre-trained model that is available for download. These models have already been trained on a large data-set of text and can be fine-tuned for specific tasks such as language translation or question answering

  • Fine-tuning the model: If you have a specific data-set that you would like to use for fine-tuning the model, you can use the pre-trained weights as a starting point and continue training the model on your data-set. This will allow the model to learn the specific patterns and characteristics of your dataset

  • Using the model for inference: Once the model is trained or fine-tuned, you can use it for inference by feeding it a prompt or a partial sentence, and it will generate a response based on the patterns it learned during training

  • Using an API: You can also use pre-trained models or fine-tuned models in an API, which allows you to integrate the model into your application and make requests to the API to generate text. OpenAI offers its own API to use GPT models including ChatGPT

OpenAI & ChatGPT

How are people using ChatGPT?

It took just 4 days for the platform to hit a million users. This is insanely fast compared to many other popular applications we have today. Instagram took 90 days to reach 1 million users. 

Users around the world have been using ChatGPT in different ways as per their niche and requirement. Lets take a look at them:

  • Copywriting: ChatGPT can be used for content creation. It can easily write quality content to any question being asked including articles
  • Code & Debug: ChatGPT can write & process code, including helping developers debug codes as well
  • Tutor: ChatGPT can explain words, codes & even physics
  • Songs: Many users have posted updates that ChatGPT is capable of writing songs
  • Suggestions: ChatGPT is able to provide some very good suggestions to any questions asked whether its a game, food, or movies etc..

Limitation of ChatGPT

Like any other model, ChatGPT comes with its own flaws. As the platform is a language model, it will provide some wrong/incorrect answers. Here are some drawbacks as of today:

  • No real-time output
  • Geo-location based facility is missing
  • API Integration with external websites is missing
  • Sustainability – its becoming very expensive to continue the platform for Free. ChatGPT CEO indicated about launching a paid version of the platform. Read more here

If you have read this article till here, you might be wondering if ChatGPT going to replace Google? As of now, the answer is No, because there are lot of dependencies relying on human intelligence. On the other hand, Google works in a completely different way. Its response is based on websites.  

In summary, to use ChatGPT, you can either use a pre-trained model or fine-tune it on your own data set, and then use the model for inference, either by feeding it a prompt or using it in an API.

With the amount of ever growing users, there is hope for brighter days ahead for ChatGPT

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a large language model. The platform is trained to predict the next word in a sequence, given the previous words, and learns the probability distribution of the words in a language. This allows it to generate text that is grammatically correct and semantically coherent

Who built ChatGPT?

ChatGPT was launched by OpenAI in Nov 2022. The company's current CEO is Sam Altman.

OpenAI is an AI based research lab that operated in 2 verticals:

  • OpenAI LP
  • OpenAI INC


Will ChatGPT replace Google?

ChatGPT and Google are both technology companies, but they have different areas of focus and expertise.

ChatGPT is an AI-trained model that is based on generating output based on human interaction.

Google, on the other hand, is a search engine which allows users to search for information based on keywords or phrases.

While both companies use advanced technology such as machine learning, ChatGPT is more focused on natural language processing and text generation, while Google offers a wide range of internet-related services and products.

Is ChatGPT free?

Since its launch in Nov 2022, its being offered for Free. But recently, its CEO,Sam Altman has indicated that maintaining the model is becoming very expensive and the company is going to launch a paid version very soon.

You can read more about this update here


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