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Do you want to grow your social media followers, email subscribers, and website traffic? If so, running an online contest is the easiest way to get the attention you need.

Launch better contests and giveaways with Woorise

Woorise will help you get more social media followers, increase engagement, website traffic, and sales. You can also create surveys, polls, quizzes, and engaging forms.

As people interact with your giveaways and surveys, you can use Woorise to automatically send notification emails.

Speaking of analytics, you can use the backend of Woorise to view survey and quiz results.

It’s easy to learn more about your customers so you can tailor future campaigns and promotions to be fun and irresistible.

Let contest winners know they’ve won, give survey participants their result, thank new subscribers, notify followers about upcoming promotions — you get the picture.

This tool is great for Digital Marketing Agencies, Social Media Marketers, and E-commerce business trying to grow their audience and brand.

The price starts at $0 where you can get up to 500 entries per month for free.

Click here to get Woorise

Instead, use professional-grade templates. Insert the copy, logos, and designs that match your brand or the theme of your campaign.

Woorise has templates for all the most popular campaign types: Instagram giveaways, Facebook contests, email signups, coupon unlocks, etc.

Give yourself an easy foundation for drafting a powerful campaign.

Build virality into your next campaign.

Woorise helps you build referral engines to incentivize sharing.

Turn campaign participants into loyal evangelists by introducing a few freebies and giveaways into your social media and email marketing.

 Woorise is marketed as a viral giveaway platform but it is so much more than that. You can use it to create different types of forms. The form builder is customizable enough that you can make forms for different use cases. Also, I’m constantly surprised to see

One of the best ways to improve your product or service over time is to learn the value that your customers are gaining from it through implicit and explicit information. Feedback surveys allow you to collect that information.


Woorise offers a free plan where you can add up to 500 entries per month. Otherwise, the pricing starts at $23 per month and goes up to $79 per month.


The paid version of Woorise offers these features:

  • Drag and drop giveaway builder
  • Responsive giveaway templates
  • Polls, quizzes, and surveys functionality
  • Run giveaways in specific regions with country restrictions
  • Email marketing integration
  • Giveaway analytics reports to track contest data
  • Social buttons and viral sharing options


Woorise integrated with popular marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, Aweber, Hubspot, Active campaign, Google anlytics, Bitly, Zapier, Paypal, Stipe & many more. 

WordPress Plugin : 

IIf you are using the WordPress CMS, then you can easily add the Woorise WordPress plugin in any campaign in your WordPress site or blog in seconds. Simple copy and paste your campaign’s link in Woorise block or inside the classic editor.

Advantages of using the Woorise plugin : 

  • Zero Configuration Time: Woorise WordPress plugin has no settings at all. Simple install it, copy and paste the campaign’s URL and you are ready to go!
  • Lightweight & Fast: It will not affect your WordPress website performance or speed.
  • Keep your Database Clean: Unlike the most giveaways WordPress plugins Woorise don’t save any data, entries or create new tables in your database.
  • Secure: You don’t need to worry about data breaches and storage issues. All your data is stored on secure Woorise servers.



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